Stop Using Quotable Quotes To Justify Your Ailing Relationships…

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Lesson One: Never Walk Alone

At barely 34 days to year end, I did promise to share my count down to 2017 with you as usual, however, with Lessons Learnt this time. So, today, I’m glad to share with you Lesson One. Please enjoy it!


Sincerely, it’s been a very busy year for me because I switched careers and had to shuttle between working, learning on the job and pursuing some certificates (story for another day). That notwithstanding, it was also one very lonely year, though full of activities: How true that one can be in a beehive of activities and still be lonely.

…he who can’t ‘common’ walk with others, how can he ever run, leave off fly?

The boredom started when I fell out with some dear friends early in the year. Thankfully, I also made lots of awesome new friends who naturally should fill in the…

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