How Working Out Saved My Life

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So I was out again this morning for my brief walk around the estate. I had to go with my scarf (I couldn’t locate my face cap on time) because of the scourging early morning sun lest I return with another headache. I borrowed my baby’s beloved sneakers. If the boy catches me hennn?

I resumed this long forgotten ritual just last week when it occurred to me that my health might improve if I could only muter enough strength to work out outdoors, interact with nature and get some blast of fresh breath. I had been battling with all kinds of annoying ailments since November started- cold, cough, typhoid, malaria, fever, headache, tummy ache, nausea etc – and I was like, wetin? all these for only me?

Thankfully, I started recovering the very day I started. My instincts got sharper and I am generally more alert; and…

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