Jungle Justice Ends Innocent Lives and Kills A Young Dream

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We always pray to wake up to good news. But yesterday was a sad morning to wake up to.

There has been news making the rounds, about the badoo gang and their notorious activities. Since the police are not effective enough in curbing the issue, the citizens decided to take laws into their own hands.

Snapshot from Chinedu’s Comedy Skit

One would expect that, after nabbing suspected members of the gang, citizens will be wise enough to take them to the police for investigation.

But with Chinedu Paul, Chinedu Paul a.k.a. MC Think Twice, that was not the case. Apparently, jungle justice is something that has become rampant. He and three other badoo gang suspects were beaten and burnt to death at Odogunyan.

It is told that Chinedu’s car broke down at Odogunyan area, and there was curfew in Ikorodu. He was with two others, mechanics, who helped tow his car. Only to be attacked by the mob and taken for criminals. The boy, along with the others, were burnt and butchered. He can’t be older than, say 22.

The mob, in their defense, said they found engine oil, cutlass and a grinding stone in the car. And their reason for taking laws into their hands, was because the badoo gang has inflicted so much pain on the residents.

However, it would have been better they lock up every suspect and take them to the police in the morning, for investigation. How much longer would innocent people be killed because of this?

And if our police force were serious enough, this issue of the badoo cult group should have long been taken care of, therefore preventing deaths of innocent people.

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It’s really sad. One can’t imagine what his poor family must be going through now. And who knows who is next? If he is innocent, the deed has been done, but we can at least do this for him and contribute our quota to speak against jungle justice. Just for the sake of the innocent.

Written by Karo Oforofuo