Emeka Nobis ‘Re-engineering Paradigms and Creating Cultures for Success’ 


The economic future of our nation belongs to those who are daring enough to, not only earn a living, but also create means of livelihood for others. Nonetheless, how easy does it get to quit your paid employment and paddle along the business world (alone) amidst several heartrending and sabotaging distractions like poor infrastructure, inadequate governmental support for micro SMEs, shortage of funds, and of course, the typical  boos and jeers from naysayers, to mention but a few? Sometimes,  you could  almost hear life chuckle at someone on the streets of Lagos (Abuja, Portharcourt, wherever…  )

Can anyone relate?

It’s at those critical times you need that special someone to give you a pat on the back, equip you with relevant information,  reorientate you with the proper mindset, set you ablaze with passion for your journey, also walk you down with springs to your steps; and that is where sensational Emeka Nobis comes in.

When it comes to coaching, mentoring, and challenging you to take giant strides towards becoming an icon in your industry,  then Emeka Nobis is the name that readily comes to mind.

Sometimes,  you could  almost hear life chuckle at someone on the streets of Lagos.

Renowed author, coach and thought leader,  Emeka is charged with the mission to ‘help individuals become exceptional thought leaders in their respective industries.’


A mechanical engineering graduate from the Federal University of Technology, Emeka, who graduated top of his class, started his career at SAIPEM, a leading multinational oil servicing giant, where in his own words,  “life showed me a different colour on the rainbow”. That was where his passion for coaching and leadership first showed up,  as he challenged teams and colleagues to maximize their gifts.

As an author,  Emeka has published five epic titles in 2017 and still counting.  He also coaches authors and writers through his mentorship programs and inner circle groups.

… keep pushing each passing day. Study, get better, apply, execute

As a coach and mentor,  Emeka ‘utilises effective coaching models to aid individuals and organisations reengineer their paradigms, thereby creating optimal cultures for success’.

For someone who left his luxurious paid employment as an ‘oil worker’ to pursue his purpose,  Emeka’s passion is so contagious that it is almost impossible not to succeed in your industry if you belong to his inner circle.

So we got curious about what drives Emeka and I chatted him up recently to find out.  Check out our discussion:


Funmi: You’re so passionate we can’t but wonder what drives you.  Please tell us three things that inspire you.

 Emeka: Three things that keep me grinding are:

1. The desire to spread an ideology of mind reformation.

2. The passion for my art and gift of writing.

3. The transformational results I see in the lives of my clients and folks I come across.

Funmi: Awesome!!!  So, what piece of advice have you found most useful in business? 

Emeka: For me, it is to keep pushing each passing day. Study, get better, apply, execute.

Funmi: Thanks a million Emeka.

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