What 5 Things Should Your Small Business Blog About? By Karo Oforofuo

​Blogging is known by a lot of online surfers as getting an online home and posting stuffs for people to read. 

But what kind of stuff should you really post on your blog, especially if it is a business and you’re looking at getting customers and keeping them? 
A lot of small business bloggers know, or have been told, of the need to get a blog for their small businesses. But a lot of them do not really know how to go about this. They’ve asked, again and again, “what can I post on my blog so as to make impact?”
Below is what you can post on your blog:
1. Articles: Apart from your website’s copy, where you tell people at a glance what your company does, you still need regular articles about your business, the services you offer and how it can make the lives of your readers better.
Note: It is always about how to make the life of your readers better. Isn’t that the reason they want to buy from you?
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2. Testimonials: there are those people who have used your product or services before. You could ask them to leave a review. Pick the best 4 or 5 reviews or even more, and have them stationed in strategic places on your blog.
Also, you could write case studies of how your product or services helped a customer. Case studies are like interviews, you get a step by step approach of what the customer was facing before he purchased your product and what his/her experience was after using your product.
3. Industry News: this focuses on the latest news in your industry, its advantage or disadvantage and how it affects your product/services, an in turn, your readers.
4. Promotions: if you’re doing a promo, people wouldn’t magically know unless you tell them. Promos could be in video, written content or pictures, they contain all the bonuses you’re offering in your promo, how the bonuses can be gotten, as well as the deadline.
Both articles and promos can be in several content formats; 




5. You can cover events hosted by your company, or events where your company or product or services, won an award for excellence. 
Now in as much as your blog posts shouldn’t be all about you and your company, as it bores readers, it is ok to occasionally post these kinds of events. People always love to associate with success.

6. If your customers need help in achieving a particular goal and you’re unable to personally or as a company, provided the needed help, take time to help find a solution and direct the person to that solution.
In other words, if your blog business is about helping people lose weight naturally, but one of your readers want to lose weight through surgery, give the best advice you about the advantages and disadvantages of the procedures, and then help him/her look around for trust worthy surgeons who can help.
In cases like this, you can make your discovery of reliable weight loss surgeon into a post. After all, you may have other readers who need same service rendered to them.
As long as you direct them to a reliable surgeon, things will go well and they’ll ever be grateful to you. They’ll take your every word because they already see you as someone who is genuinely interested in helping.

7. Apart form all the above, you can post free “How to Contents”. Again, they could be written content, video, audio or infographics.
 These are articles that teach your readers how to go about doing something related to your niche, expertly, on their own. E,g
1. How to Bake Cakes Without Having Even a Single Burn

2. How I Used Toys to Decorate a City Cake I Baked, and How You Can Do Same

3. How to Lose Weight Eating Only Mango fruits. Etc.
Some of these ‘How to Contents’ however, can be converted into ebooks and used to build your email list or sold.
Are ‘how to contents’ really necessary? They are. Due to the bad economic situations, a lot of people are looking into learning things that can help them save cost. And if your free ‘how to guide’ has some good lessons, they will buy the paid ones.
Your “How to Contents” should give readers enough clarity, that they end up being able to do, without supervision, everything you’ve taught them.

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