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Eagles deal differently with an approaching storm than other birds; instead of flying away from the storm. An eagle will perch on its nest until it feels the first rain drops. The eagle has no ability to stop the storm, but has the ability to fly above the storm. The way eagles fly in the storms is totally different from the way all other birds do it. Eagles are able to soar without flapping their wings, which make them so unique.

You must always remember you are born for a purpose, and you belong to a kingdom where you rise above challenges. Eagles are born with big and heavy wings; they love to do new things and the wings of eagles represent your faith in your father who is in heaven and in control of the affairs of men. Therefore, you need to rely on God to overcome every storm of life.

Basic Principles and Lessons from Eagles

Eagles are Master Fliers

The major difference between eagles and other birds is that they fly where other birds cannot reach, sometimes at airplanes’ pace. They have great ability and skills to navigate the storms. God can take you to the place where you never imagined and you will rise above the challenges you are facing right now because you belong to a winning kingdom.

God can do anything, you know, far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams.

Despite the altitude to which eagles soar, they are good at fishing even in a deep sea. Eagles have learned to pick up fishes from the water with clear precision and accuracy.

In time of storms, you too can become a great fisherman for God by spreading His love with passion. You will be amazed at what God will do because He has promised He will not leave you nor abandon you.

Eagles Fly Alone

During the storms and challenges of life, you must learn to fly alone. You must learn to be alone with your maker in prayer, to pour your mind to heaven. You must learn to encourage yourself in the journey of life and keep pressing forward towards the mark and goals. You must avoid listening to the crowd and stand on the word of God and increase your commitment to him.

Eagles Live On Higher Ground

Due to the peculiar features of eagles, they live on higher ground and this sets them apart from other smaller birds in the forest. Despite the storm, your constant aim must be that you should be on higher ground. Do not sit in self-pity and depression; you must rise up and move to the Promised Land. You should know that the bend is not the end; you are coming out stronger and better. You must keep a good attitude by knowing that greater days are ahead.

Eagles are Extremely Bold and Courageous

Eagles are very powerful and you need to be courageous in order to weather the storms of life which you have no control over sometimes. Once you survive, it makes you stronger and come alive again. Powerful eagles attack poisonous snakes and tear the snakes’ heads off with their beaks. They are fearless in battle. Hence, we also must stand against fear of the unknown. Eagles love going through stormy weather to navigate.

Eagles are Faithful

Eagles are faithful to themselves. Research has shown they support each other during stormy weathers and stay loyal to each other for life. In these days where people are no longer faithful and committed to their words, during adversity, many close associates and friends will disappoint you, but you must learn how to remain faithful to God in your services and relationships.

Eagles are Very Patient

As an eagle, you must be patient with God. This is because his ways are not your ways and sometimes, it takes time and process, knowing he is not a magician. It will take approximately 9 months to have baby; no pregnant woman wants anything earlier than that.

Documentary film crews have filmed eagles spotting rabbits they target as prey. Once the rabbit senses danger, he will then go hiding in a hole. Sometimes for as long as an hour before he finally comes out, then the eagle will swoop down and catch the rabbit within seconds. In this present generation, everything is on-the-go as people are no longer patient to pursue their dreams. During your storms and challenges, you must remain calm and understand the lesson the storm is bringing your way.

Eagles Have Two Sets of Eyes

During adversity, you must build your spiritual antenna to understand and download necessary information that will help you navigate the circumstances. This implies that you must have more than your physical eyes.

Eagles have two sets of eyes. The first set is the natural eye, which they have when they are in rest mode. The second set is the soaring eye, which they use when on a strong wind thermal. This set makes them to see clearly within a storm. You must connect your eyes of faith during challenges to see victory at the end of the battle.

Eagles’ Nests are Built in the Wilderness

Successful people know that winners never quit and quitters never win in the game of life. When baby eagles are first born, the mother eagle will build the nest to raise her new-borns in the wilderness; away from mainstream society. This is to avoid distractions. Most times, when you pass through the wilderness journey of life, you learn to set yourself apart for deeper relationship with God so you can bounce back better because new doors will open.

Eagles Stand Out With Their Colors and Strength

Eagles are special breed of birds because they are not common and despite all the challenges they face, eagles still come out with their colours intact. You will come out beautiful after the storm in Jesus’ name. When the devil knows he cannot destroy you, he will distract you, so you must renew your strength by staying focused on your dreams and vision for life.

This article was excerpted from Bounce Back Better by Afolabi Oyewunmi

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