The Old Woman … By Chidera Duru

I helped an old woman carry a basket of fruits to her roadside kiosk. When I dropped the basket, the woman looked at me, her gaze soft and piteous, and she said, “My son, I would have blessed you, but you see, there is no use. You will die tomorrow!” My ears immediately felt stuffed, as if with wool. “What?” My heart started racing. She … Continue reading The Old Woman … By Chidera Duru

Inside Anointing by Chidera Duru

You could ask any member of Our Savior Ministry and they would tell you there was nothing Bro Silas could not do. Whether it was to raise the dead, heal the sick or make the blind see, Bro Silas lived up to his reputation. He simply had a healing hand. This was how Mummy’s friend, Aunty Chichi, introduced Our Savior Ministry to us on that … Continue reading Inside Anointing by Chidera Duru

Your New Husband by Dera Duru

  You did not tell your boyfriend that you were getting married. So when your phone rings on your wedding night and his name and picture appear on your phone’s screen, you do not pick the call. It continues to ring, this iphone with its delicate features, with his face on the screen; his reddish lips glowing redder. You do not pick. Your husband stands … Continue reading Your New Husband by Dera Duru