‘Essential Service’ or No? – Another Puff-puff Story…

I have been writing CSS and HTML for a while (story for another day), but something happened last Thursday morning that gave me a story prompt, and I thought to share it with you fam …

So, here goes:

I woke up with this strange craving for freshly-made smoking-hot street puff-puff that morning. Something similar to the abnormal craving that comes with pregnancy.

The strange craving had started on Wednesday morning actually, but I had quickly changed my mind as I grudgingly drove past the street of my ‘Mama puff-puff’, because Wednesday is a corporate ‘fast day’ .

Dat tin pain me hehn 😢, but I just tried hard to get it off my mind.

So, after dropping my son in school on Thursday morning, the craving returned, but then, another issue popped up. It was Thursday – the environmental sanitation day for market operators in my part of Nigeria. And… I was aware task force workers are always on ground to penalize offenders. There was even a mobile prison parked in a conspicuous corner closeby.


But would that stop my puff-puff plug from operating? What would then happen to all her early customers: the dozens of school children, teachers, motorists, traders, and even executives who depend on her puff-puff for early breakfast?

Suddenly, a certain postulation  crept up in my mind, and I decided to prove it.

So, at about 5 minutes to 8am that morning, I negotiated the bend that leads to the puff-puff spot, and guess what? My ‘Mama puff-puff’ was there, gloriously seated behind her fireplace and show-glass!

Ope ooo!!!

Omoh, that was how I packed enough puff-puff to make up for my unmet cravings since the previous day o.

I even noticed some task force workers sitting leisurely close to Mama’s spot. But no one stopped her.

Afterwards, I drove to a street about 1-2 miles away to check if I would by any chance get some fresh smoked fish from my plug, but I wasn’t so lucky. All the shops were locked, and no street food operator was in sight.

Myth bursted.
Mystery unraveled.
Theory proven.

And here’s the postulation:

Street puff-puff sellers are essential workers, and the preparation, buying, and selling of smoking-hot puff-puff, in other words, street puff-puff business in any commercial city is part of essential services in my country.

Q. E. D.!

If you disagree, go check out any roadside smoking-hot puff-puff plug in your area next Thursday morning.

To the love of street food, and the lovers of freshly-made, smoking hot puff-puff in Africa… and wherever street puff-puff is a thing.

Photo credit: @kraftplus

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