TANGO- Cold Revenge… (Demi Duru Series) by @Sinmisolaog

      Please click here for the story so far. Mimi ran to the back of her grandmother’s compound, her chubby frame covered with sand. “Mam-ma! Come and eat.” She carried her sand food to Mama, served on fresh green leaves. Mama looked up from sieving raw pap. “What did you cook?” “Eba and vegetable soup.” The four-year old beamed. “Taste.” She took a … Continue reading TANGO- Cold Revenge… (Demi Duru Series) by @Sinmisolaog

Fiction Fiesta: QUAGMIRE – Demi Duru Series 1 by @sinmisolaog

The first thing Demi noticed was that he needed a shave, badly. The stubble on his chin could not be less than three days old. He stood in line with the others in the banking hall, a rucksack slung over his shoulder. Like any other customer, he looked impatient, almost angry. The queue moved slowly and intermittently, her eyes went back to him. He was … Continue reading Fiction Fiesta: QUAGMIRE – Demi Duru Series 1 by @sinmisolaog

Meet The #DreamTeam: Sinmisola Ogunyinka @sinmisolaog 

We are glad to introduce to you another amazing member of the MakeADream_NG – Sinmisola Ogunyinka. Sinmisola is a prolific Author and Movie Producer, and has authored over thirty romance novels and many Christian titles. Please look forward to an exciting Fiction Fiesta with our columnist Sinmisola Ogunyinka tonight.     Continue reading Meet The #DreamTeam: Sinmisola Ogunyinka @sinmisolaog