Breaking News!!! Authors and Bloggers Now Making Cool Cash On OkadaBooks (@okadabooks)


Gone are the gloomy days for upcoming Nigerian Authors as OkadaBooks has paved the erstwhile bumpy road to publishing and making good money from writing.

Several talented Nigerian authors have previously found their experience in the literary world rather discouraging because of difficulties arising from lack of funds, inability to marketing their published works, rejection of published works by bookshops among many other factors. Consequently, it’s been tough for authors to reach a larger audience leave off making money. In fact, most end up with a deficit.

“You have to be a Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka or Chimamanda Adichie to make money from writing”, is the common stance for most.

Good news however, is that today, the story has changed in the literary – thanks to OkadaBooks – the all round solution which connects writers to readers.

Essentially, OkadaBooks is a one-stop shop for authors and book lovers.

OkadaBooks presents free ePub conversion/ self-publishing package in a user friendly format which about author can use to publish and make their books available to a large global audience in a couple of minutes. Again, it’s absolutely free.

What’s more? Authors can now get published at no cost, and still make cool money from their books.

Notable among new authors who have reaped huge benefits from OkadaBooks are Sally Kenneth Dadzie who has made several thousands from her Fish Brain Series, Musa Ajayi, an indigenous author of Hausa Literature, the best-selling Karo Oforofuo among many others.


Moreover, bloggers are now making money by turning their blog contents into eBooks and selling on OkadaBooks. Notable among these bloggers are Sally Kenneth Dadzie who has published several titles from her blog – Moskeda Pages, Karo Oforofuo who has also released many books from her Karo’s Story Blog; Fisayo Talabi, who has also published some titles from her blog: Fiction Therapy, and Funmi Adebayo who created a Fiction Series from her Daughters of Eve blog and Each Day Devotional Series from her Each Day Online blog.

“Nigerian authors need not keep writing for free, especially with our present economic realities…” says Okechukwu Ofili, the Founder and Chief Mechanical Officer of OkadaBooks.

Just this week, yet another author made a withdrawal of N60,000 from his OkadaBooks sales account- another evidence that about any Nigerian author or blogger could make money from writing, thanks to OkadaBooks.


So now that you know, what are you waiting for? Please visit or simply send an email to or a Whatsapp chat to Magnus on OkadaBooks help line +234 816 724 7508- to get started.

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