Entry Closes And Excitement Hits Lagos At Just 2 Days To The First Ever Testathon In Nigeria @Testathon



IMG_6354It’s no longer news that Facebook and Global App Testing are organizing Nigeria’s first “Testathon” in Lagos on Sunday June 26th.

The selection process is now concluded, and all hands are on deck to make the event, the first in this region, every bit memorable!

The testers who take part in the Lagos Testathon event will try their hardest to break three apps: Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.




Moreover, they will be privileged  to meet with QA rock-stars from previous Testathons, and learn how they test.

The Global App testing team is also offering prizes in a bunch of categories, like ‘Best QA’. ‘Best Security Bug’ and ‘Best Quality Bug Report’.

On the day we’ll have 50 of the best testers competing to win some amazing prizes (iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets, drones, headphones, etc).


Here is the list of Partners and Sponsors for Lagos Testathon 2016:

Lagos Testhathon




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