New Book Alert! Presenting CONDEMNED by Babema Amaye-Igonikon



The world today has really changed. Life, as it were, has deviated from what our grandparents once knew. Modernity has encroached and ripped off our values.  From where do we start recounting? From prostitution, which has stolen our daughters or from cultism, which has turned our sons into barbarians?

Condemned is a literary tool aimed at combating these ugly tendencies. It is the narrative of a young man named Balafama who mingled with the wrong set of people, and went on to become an active member of the Scorpion Fraternity.

The story climaxed when the gang successfully intercepted a bullion van. However, something went wrong: Balafama had gone too far this time.  He could have submitted to fate, however, thoughts of his mum made him sad. He had terribly failed her. Her struggles and sacrifices were gone.

Condemned by Babema Amaye-Igonikon, is a brilliant piece written in simple language. It is suspense filled and action-packed- a must-read for everyone.

Condemned is now selling at for N200 only. Please click here to get your copy NOW.

Cover and fliers by FunmiAdebayoDotCom.

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