It’s August- And We Are Launching!!! 💃 🍷 

So it’s #August – our darling of the months. And here’s how we usher you in-laws with some Good News! Guess what?! We are launching this August! Yippee!!! 💃 🍷 😂.
And there’s going to be a #party. And lots of #freebies. So you better tag your friends so they can join us now.
We will give details of our plans and activities soon; please check the link in our bio or simply to keep abreast.

And here is saying a big Thanks to our #DreamTeam for keeping us going (formal introductions in the course of the month) , and to all our #DreamVendors too numerous to mention for sticking with us even before the very start. You guys rock! We are sure going places together!!!

In the meantime, here is wishing you all the most ‘awesometastic’ August ever! May it be your very best!!!

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