Editor’s Note: It’s Our Launch Day And Here’s Our #Launch #Giveaway! 


Finally, it’s 28.08.16 and today, we are glad to present to you makeadreamng.com!!!

A little bit of history, it all started about this time last year when we felt the need for a platform which supports the Nigerian Dream and tells the true Nigerian success story.

A platform which supports startups, celebrates creativity and creates opportunities.

A place where talents are turned to skills, potentials are nurtured and released, 

An initiative which makes good publicity available to all – upcoming, or established and celebrated…

A place where buyers can meet sellers, authors can meet publishers, talents can meet promoters etc.

We are glad to present the platform for this today while we roll up our sleeves to work out our dream and yours too.  

Many thanks to our Dream Team for making today fly (you’ll meet them soon). A million thanks to our Dream Vendors too for believing in us even before we begin.  Work begins full force tomorrow, please stay tuned to makeadreamng.com as our mission unfolds.

And yes, there’s a Launch Giveaway: and this one is worth millions. Please follow this link to join the makeadreamng.com tribe.for a chance to get your own share of our Launch Giveaway.  

Please click here to learn more about MakeADream_NG. Please send an email to info@makeadreamng.com or sales@makeadreamng.com for enquiries.

Thanks again for starting this great journey with us.  Catch you at the top!