What Is It With Evil Fathers And Defenseless Daughters These Days? @KaroOforofuo 

Image Credit: punchng.com

I first saw the headline – Man Uses Hot Iron To Burn His Daughter’s Eyes and Private Parts

I frowned. What’s it with fathers dashing out inhumane punishment to daughters these days? Flogging them mercilessly and inflicting Terrible injuries on them?

I was boiling when I clicked the link. The deed had been done. I was mostly interested in reading that the so called father had been served justice. But after clicking the link and reading through, I was even more pissed.

You mean a four years old girl slipped and fell. In the process the potty of faeces she carried poured on the ground and that earned her such inhumane treatment?

I mean seriously. You expect a girl of four years old to be perfect and execute orders like a pro?

I was so furious. I felt like finding the so called dad so I could strangle him. But when I eventually set eyes on the pictures of the little girl, the rage I felt disappeared, temporarily and was replaced by confusion. My jaws dropped and I shook, visibly. It has been a long while since I experienced shock as I did when I saw the photo. The left side of this little girl’s face is badly burnt and her left eye is now blind. The Vagina, although wasn’t pictured, the article said was swollen and burnt.

If you cannot love your own child, why not let her stay with her mother who would love and care for her? The article stated that the man had been divorced from his wife since 2013. I won’t be surprised this little girl reminds him so much of a wife who left him and he has decided to take out his frustration on her.

Yes, I support flogging a child to instill discipline. But flogging the child like he/she is an animal is totally out of it. Even a single scratch shouldn’t be found on the child.

Please! Arrest is not enough. That man should not be allowed near that child again. She should be taken back to her mother. The woman knows the pain she went through to have her baby and she alone can truly love her child.


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