Mark Zukerberg’s Visit – See My Best Comments From Nigerians by @KaroOforofuo 




So Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg, landed Nigeria yesterday. Yes, his first stop was Cc Hub, Yaba. But what shook Nigerians was the fact that he decided to take a stroll in the streets of Lagos, without security details. (Though I’m sure the white guys behind could be part of his security details, watching and protecting him from a distance). Then again, he showed up in the country unannounced!

Different thoughts flashed through my mind. But before I could stick to one, my eyes landed on some interesting comments from some Nairalanders. These comments are part of what flashed through my mind. Read them below:

If I ever get the opportunity of meeting this man, I will cherish it for the rest of my life. These are the kind of people I wish to meet in life and not some half Unclad people wearing chains meant for dogs suffering from rabbies.

(The last part though – Hehehehehe)
Ok but no try am for Benin city ooooo. Boys are not smiling.

(At all. The economy isn’t helping issues either)
I just like Mark’s simplicity. T-shirt on jeans.
Most people wey dey wear tie as if them wan hang themselves na them dey hustle pass with little to show financially.

(Hitting the nail on the head. Being wealthy shouldn’t make us complicated or unapproachable. Besides, I’ve noticed that those in suit and tie work for those in T-shirt and Jeans.)
In as much as I like his simplicity, he should be careful make dem no kidnap am o.

(I believe his body guards are close by. Relax. He is in good hands.)

Hmmm, oyibo sabi simplicity.
It takes understanding of life to assume and live simply…no special air attached.

(I wish we Africans knew how to be simple. But no. Even the poor amongst us will be the ones to throw elaborate weddings and hunt expensive cloths to wear. We know how to spend money carelessly on things not worth our time or effort. Our celebrities will go abroad to do white weddings or hold award ceremonies. (SMH). The money spent abroad should be circulating in our country, but its not the case.) 😕 😤

I just don’t know why I respect this man. Some people are just helping this world in a diffrent way. Am sure some people no go recognise am. But if na Kim Khardasian or Nicki Minaj show street dey go gather. Smh

(True. They prefer celebs to billionaires interested mostly in entrepreneurship and technology. I’m shaking my head too.) 😐
This guy gather liver sha. Make dem no kidnap am o.Tinubu son no dey waka without mopol.

Who knows the password of Facebook free Internet?

(I seriously need that password too. Please share with me when you get access to it.) 😀

He’s making headlines just by trekking…
Life of a Billionaire.

(Baba God bless my hustle, so I can trek and make headlines too.) :mrgreen:
youngest billionaire in the world. no gold chains, no gambling, no expensive ride, no unnecessary girlfriends and babymamas. All simple and decent. He donates heavily to charity emulating Bill Gates who has donated over 45% of his wealth to charity since he became a billionaire. yet Carlos Slim still isn’t able to dully meet-up with him. This is what separates the rich from wealthy. my billionaire mentor undecided I will quit school just to follow your footsteps

(Hahahaha. I’m not planning to quit school though. But the first part, the first part is priceless. No gold chains, expensive rides, unnecessary baby-mamas, tattoos, scandals etc. Yet he is a billionaire. God, I want to be like Mark when I grow up.) 😍
He’s an achiever who makes no noise.

Assuming Mark was a Nigerian………… You know the rest

(Yes my dear. We know the rest.)
Mark, welcome to Naija. I hope you eat lots of Poundy with Afang soup, and then Starch with Oghwo soup, as you meet with developers and entrepreneurs, and learn about our startup ecosystem.

Note: But is that all you really came for? 🙄 No secret missions? 😛