Genevieve Wore No Make-Up. So What? By @KaroOforofuo 

​So I strolled into Nairaland yesterday evening and saw this:

“Genevieve Nnaji shares NO-MAKE UP Pic, gets ugly reaction from some Fans.

Genevieve is beautiful. She has always been beautiful with or without make-up. So I really wondered why fans were reacting negatively. I visited the thread and read the ugly reactions.

Some encouraged her, a few praised her, some called her sick and some said she was getting thinner. Some said she looked like a patient suffering from HIV, some said she’s a celebrity and so therefore her duty is to always look good before public eyes, nothing less.

The ugly comments from Gene’s followers irritated me. These same people bashing her are those that disturb us with their talks of preferring a natural beauty, to make-up beauty. Now a true natural beauty is in front of them but they can’t see it. The media’s definition of beautiful has clouded their judgement.

I scrolled down the post and looked at the photo. All I saw was a beautiful lady feeling cool in her own skin; not even earrings stayed on her ears. No foundation, no painted eyebrows. She tucked her hair into the cap, making her appearance even more appealing.

A lot of those who called her names are far less than her age. But if you put them in the same room with the actress, they would look like her mother/father or aunties/uncles.

I appreciate this Lady’s beauty. And to our dear men and women out there, stop asking for natural beauty if you cannot identify one.


Cheers and happy Saturday.