And This Is How We Welcome You To November: Our Communication Lines Are Here!!! 

This is how we welcome you to November- With all our communication lines wide open!!! At about two fantastic months into operations,  we know it’s high time and we are glad to make our line public. 
In other words, we are no longer miles apart but just a touch screen tap and a mouse click away! Please reach us on the following channels :

Email :
Whatsapp: +234-9095200510 (and/ call) 

Do you have a story to tell, a brand or talent to showcase or a product to sell to the world? It’s time to stop blinking in the dark and to let your voice be heard. Talk to us today and let’s tell the world about you!!!

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Finally, your feedback, comments and reviews are very important to us. What’s more? They will earn you some freebies from us soon, so please keep them coming. Also, do not stop sharing our posts with your friends and family on social media. We got our eyes on our key promoters already, and guess what? Pay day is coming, as people who share us will be eligible to earn our discounts and other freebies when the time comes. In the meantime, this is to say, thanks so much for everything you’ve been doing. Please keep it flowing!

Shortly we shall publish our Service Catalogue. Don’t miss it for anything.

And here’s wishing you the best November ever from all of us at We do expect to hear from you soon.


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