Just A Little Yeast… (Happy Independence Nigeria) – A Poem by Funmi Adebayo


Evil triumphs where good men do nothing!
-Edmund Burke

When ‘ordinary’ men underrate the power of their ‘little’ contribution, they quit trying. However in Nation Building, little good makes a world of difference…


Few good men
to buttress the truth

Few praying men
to stand in the gap…

Few upright men
to uphold the arm of justice

Few hopeful people
to dream of a brighter tomorrow…

Little noble acts
Little brave tendencies
Little words of faith
Little deeds of kindness

Small men
resisting inequality
Ordinary men
standing against corruption

Common men
rising against oppression

Everyday people
insisting on justice

Few strong voices
to speak for the poor

Few strong structures
to support the human family

Please grant that our collective ‘few‘ adds up to exalt this nation and attract Your Supreme intervention!

(c) Funmi Adebayo

Source: Poem: Just A Little Yeast … (Happy Independence Nigeria)


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