How Aspiring Singers can Land Opportunities using Acapella Apps

One of the ‘Rules’ as recommended by Richard Templar in his international bestseller, The Rules of Work (A definitive code for personal success), in fact, the very first, is this golden piece of advice – “Get Your Work Noticed!”

In this article, we share a simple way aspiring singers can do just that by venturing into solo acapella singing, and sharing their awesomeness with the world using their mobile phone.

Acapella singing, which was first used for religious music in the 19th century, has evolved globally and grown in popularity over the years.

Recently, Tech companies are developing lip syncing and accapella singing apps by the day, which upcoming singers can use to practice solo singing, thereby develop and showcase their talents to the world.

These apps are continually reviewed and updated, and newer apps emerge periodically to suit the growing global demand of aspiring talents of all ages and backgrounds.

With these, talented singers can now produce, record and share good acapella music with just their mobile phone.

Limitation by factors like lack of funds, inadequate support, or even lack of platform is now minimised, as many free/ affordable versions of these apps are available for android and iOS users.

Examples of Acapella Maker Apps are

Acapella Mix Pro by Vidstitch

Acapella Droid Free

Best of Acapella

Acapella from PicPlayPost

VocaLive and

Acapella Maker – Video Collage among others.

A while ago, we shared this beautiful video of Winner Egbo, an MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 9 Finalist, doing justice to a solo rendition of “Hallelujah” by David G. with the Acapella Maker App on our Instagram page.

Briliant we must say.

How are you taking advantage of these readily available tools to further your talent and get your work noticed? What acapella maker app have you used recently? What app are you going to download for your use?

Please go ahead and create awesome videos of your acapella, and do tag us for a shout out and a repost.