What to do if you’ve already broken your New Year Resolution by February…

Eat healthy,
Drink more water,
Save more,
Invest more,
Start my business …
Sounds familiar, right ?

Well, that’s what would always top the resolution of many people for the year.

Resolutions. That is one word you hear at the beginning of every year. Some follow theirs through, and some don’t. In fact as I write this, chances are that many people have broken theirs already, yet, it’s just the second day of the second month of the year.

In case you fall into the category of those who have broken their resolutions already, do not be discouraged. It is never too late to get back on track.

Before ever starting out to write your resolutions for the year, these are some vital questions should answer objectively:

  • What do resolutions mean to me?
  • What resolutions can I set for my the various facets of my life, e.g., personal, business, family, career and social life?
  • What must I put in place to be able follow my resolutions through?

After that, here are few tips to keep you on track

  • Clearly write out your resolutions for the year, let it cut across all the important areas of your life. Ensure they are written in form of SMART GOALS. Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based.
  • Get an accountability partner, i.e., share your resolution with someone you can be accountable to. He/ she will also motivate you when your morale is low and you’re about quitting.
  • Be patient with yourself. Understand that staying committed to your resolutions is a process, not a race. It is a continuous process that involves discipline and planning. Do the best you can each day.
  • Take time to celebrate and enjoy small wins
  • Keep working on your resolution no matter what: For instance, it’s April and you’ve had setbacks so what? Keep motivating yourself. Review and fix what is draining your motivation so it doesn’t keep you from following through with your resolutions all year long.

Don’t let this year be another year of failed resolutions. Always remember that as important as the end goal is, the journey towards the goal also matters.

In line with our New Year wish for you at MakeADreamNG.com, my prayer is that you yield the returns of many years in all your endeavours this year!

(Featured Image credit: Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels)