Send a Surprise LOVE BOX to that special someone this love season…

Sweetn’Spicee Bistro, Ogba Lagos, recently launched their LOVE BOX collection to commemorate the Valentine’s season.

The Love Box collection by Sweetn’Spicee Bistro in conjunction with Sylverscreen Arts comprises specially handcrafted delicacies packaged in beautiful handcrafted boxes just for you and that special someone this love season.

The Love Box Collection include:

1) JOLLY BOX, which goes for N6,500 only.

Jolly Box is a premium package which contains,

♥️Choice of Jollof Rice, Fried Rice or Special Spaghetti
♥️2 pcs. Chicken or Beef chunks in pepper sauce
♥️Mini bowl of #Plantain
♥️Chocolates for dessert,
♥️Choice canned Soft Drink, canned Malt, Ceres or bottled Pulpy 5 Alive
♥️(Optional fruits or snack at additional N500)

2) SWEET BOX, which goes for N4500 only.

Sweet Box is an exciting package which contains,

♥️Choice of Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Roasted Potatoes, Plantain or Special Spaghetti
♥️Choice of Beef or Chicken chunks in Pepper Sauce, or Eggs in veggies or fried eggs.
♥️Chocolates for dessert, and
♥️Choice canned Soft Drink, canned Malt, Ceres or bottled Pulpy 5 Alive.

3) PLATTER BOX, which goes for N3500 only.

Platter Box is a mouthwatering box of goodies for lovers of fries which contains

💗 Choice of Fried Yam, Roasted Potatoes, or Chips
💖 Choice of Jumbo Beef, 3 Pcs. Chicken or Croaker fish
💝 Side Salad with BBQ or Pepper Sauce 😋

Sweetn’Spicee can send that special someone a surprise LOVE BOX at home or at work this love season on your behalf.

You need not sweat to express your love this love season. Let
Sweetn’Spicee’s LOVE BOX pave the way and set the tune for you.

LOVE flows better with food and nibbles…Get the #yummiest #vals experience for you and your loved ones. 😍 😋 😍 😋 👏 👏 🕺 💃❤️💕😍 😋

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