New Book Alert: Introducing A Person of Heft, a novel by Bolaji Olatunde

Title: A Person of Heft
Author: Bolaji Olatunde
Edited by: LaTunes Publishers
Cover Design: Hoopla Hive
ISBN: 978-978-990-1456
Release Date: June 2021
Media Type: Paperback and e-copy
Available at: Amazon, Konga, Roving Heights

About the Book

It is 2015. Nigeria has a new president who has promised change and prosperity for Nigerians. Tomi Makinde is a young Nigerian professional woman struggling to get a foothold in corporate Nigeria. As her marketing career grows, she finds herself catapulted fast to unexpected heights due to a chance encounter. As she climbs the corporate ladder, she contends with intense power play and betrayal.Despite her professional success, she is haunted by the memories of her parents’ failed marriage, she is afraid of letting her guard down to allow love in. Demola Gbolahan is a young accountant in who seems to have it made. His colleagues, family and friends are mystified by his unmarried status. They continually pile the pressure for him to get hitched. As tries to fix his marital status, he has to battle with high stakes workplace corruption.

A Person of Heft by Bolaji Olatunde
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Wayne Crawly, young, successful British engineer, is keen on making the most of the Nigerian business environment, and enjoying the various cultures on offer. From all appearances, he is the quintessential expatriate, a gentleman who can do no harm, until push comes to shove. What do these three individuals have in common, apart from their youth? They all live in Abuja when their paths cross.

Their lives intertwine and intersect in more ways than they bargain for in this story of sleaze, cut-throat corporate competition, malfeasance and romance set in Nigeria’s capital city. With a supporting cast of wily and eccentric characters, the reader is certain to live the Abuja life through various eyes.

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A Person of Heft by Bolaji Olatunde
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Meet the Author:

Bolaji Olatunde
Bolaji Olatunde

Bolaji Olatunde is a Nigerian author who lives and works in Abuja. His book, Hang No Clothes Here, was among the three shortlisted novels for the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) 2018 Prose Prize. His play, Sacking The Potter was ranked the third best play in the ANA 2016 Drama Prize.

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