No Left Over Restaurant adds MOINBURG, 3 other products to menu this August

It’s good news for food lovers in Lagos, Abuja and environs as No Left Overs CEO, Mrs Ayodeji Megbope unveils MOINBURG, the latest ‘yumilicious’ addition to their menu, while also announcing the impending launch of three additional products over the weekend.

MOINBURG by No Left Overs
MOINBURG by No Left Overs

Quoting Mrs Megbope, “… my heart was set to create new products from our signature brand. I needed a ‘divine’ and healthy concept that would have Moinmoin as a key ingredient and at the same time be a fusion of contemporary cravings.

“MOINBURG brings out the best qualities in the combination of our special Pan Toasted Buns with Moinmoin, Cheese, Vegetables and our signature “Secret Sauce“. The taste is luscious!!!!!”

The 4 new food menu items will the launched at the Summer Holiday Hangout, a family funfair event hosted by No Left Overs on August 14, 2021.

Check out how MOINBURG was unveiled to eager food lovers over the weekend.

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