TRUE STORY: Lam Chris and a Determination to Win – Afeso Akanbi

The story of 22-year-old Iroegbulam Chidubem, popularly known as Lam Chris by friends, a youngling who hails from the eastern Nigerian State of Imo, is not only inspiring because of his humble beginning and touching story: it is kicky and worth telling because of his sheer determination to win, a decision he took at a fairly young age…

And from the questions he has been posing, especially on subjects that directly affect many Nigerians and our environment today, the things he is doing, especially in the area of charity, even when such humanitarian activities may be inconveniencing or sometimes trot out certain risks to him, has led observers to say the pattern that is readily obvious from his life’s trajectory is such that it is axiomatic that his, is a life that is indeed set to win…

For example, as at last year 2020 when all of the world, from governments to religious leaders, celebrities, scientists, experts, politicians, just name it, was unanimous in advising people everywhere to stay indoors, to stay safe from the Covid 19 virus that is still ravaging the world today, Lam was among the few voices that called our attention to what many Nigerians still fail to realise today; that the earth itself, a place that we all call home, is at a much more greater and urgent risk as a result of what man is doing, or not doing to it and our environment than to threats from Covid 19.

Lam didn’t only call our attention then, he also formed a strong team of chaps like himself, reached out to stakeholders, and swung into action. The result was the countless trees he and his team planted across his city and the many charity organizations he reached out to by way of fund raising too…

His path to humanitarianism started when as a 15-year-old school boy in 2014, in class, he suddenly felt uncomfortable. Within minutes, he found that he had difficulty breathing. His class teacher quickly called his father who promptly arrived the school and drove him straight to a private hospital in Owerri the capital of Imo State. It was soon discovered that he had lungs problems. After a few days in the hospital, he got better and on the day of his discharge, the doctor gave a stern warning. Avoid smoke, fire and dust. But before this episode, Lam had noticed that even as a child, he loved anything that had to do with nature and people’s welfare…that was the turning point for him…

Ironically, as a child, he grew up in an area where one didn’t need to look too far and deep to see how much the society needed a helping hand…and his way a society where bush burning and littering the environment indiscriminately with refuse was also a norm. Reading would open his eyes to how these things do not only pose a threat to our environment but also to our people, and how he can offer himself to help… (continues after image)

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At a time when it seem almost normal for the average Nigerian youngster to be given to Yahoo Yahoo and other vices, in attempt to get rich at all cost, Lam who is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in Linguistics and Communication Arts at the prestigious Imo State University, decided to use his creativity, wits and charm to raise funds and better himself, so as to better place him in a position where he can help…

A TV Presenter, Creative Content Creator and An Environmentalist, Lam contested for, won and reigned as Mr Nature Nigeria, a thing that motivated him to kick start his own charity, the Save a Tree Project (SATT) in 2019.

Among his many achievements is his emergence in 2020 as Mr Imo State Nigeria and Imo State Youth Ambassador, both of which platforms he used to Impact positively in the lives of his people, especially the youths.

Earlier this year 2021 he contested with over 400 contestants for the Mr. Model Nigeria Pageant held in Epe Resorts, Lagos State where he emerged the 1st Runner-Up… interestingly, Mr. Model Nigeria is a platform that has offered Lam an opportunity to represent Nigeria later this year at Manhunt International Pageant scheduled to hold abroad.

Lam insist it has always been his dream to not only be a voice for the voiceless, a lending hand to the needy, but also to be an inspiration to others especially young people like himself… it is this dream that informs everything he is doing today, and the man he aspires to become tomorrow…

From embarking on various humanitarian projects to organising seminars, today, Lam is giving himself, despite his tight school schedule, to educating young minds and also reaching out to the less privileged in our society…

It our my hope and prayers that young chaps like Lam who have decided to live a life of impact, will not only be encouraged but supported to reach their lofty goals, and by so doing, we will perhaps have started the process of building the sort of youth population that will take our country to the stars…

Albert Afeso Akanbi is a writer, filmmaker and humanitarian. He writes from Abuja, FCT, Nigeria…

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