Fiction Fiesta: Deba Ezodo (Chapter One) – By Karo Oforofuo (@KaroOforofuo)

  Click here for the story so far: The night air was icy cold. The moon hid behind a moving curtain of thick dark clouds as the heavens opened and poured down, heavily. Thunders rolled and lightening flashed across the sky, striking down several trees within its reach. The wet cold night was silent, save for the heavy rain and the distant howling of hounds … Continue reading Fiction Fiesta: Deba Ezodo (Chapter One) – By Karo Oforofuo (@KaroOforofuo)

One Erotic Dinner by @funmie_adebayo

Adebimpe pulled over at Ikeja City Mall and stepped out of her Mercedes Benz Jeep in a skimpy pink floral hip dress and a thick pair of black leggings. She picked up her hand bag, locked up and cat-walked gracefully across the spacious car park. It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon, and a fresh cool breeze slapped her pretty face as the wind whistled by. … Continue reading One Erotic Dinner by @funmie_adebayo