#DreamProduct: OmoAlata Ofada Pepper Mix- Something You MUST Try This JUNE! @omoalata


Here is our #DreamProduct for the week: OmoAlata Ofada Pepper Mix – something you MUST try out this June.

@the_omoalata says on Instagram

🔥🔥OmoAlata turns in another great family package to make your favorite meals available at all times!

Introducing the all new OmoAlata Ofada Pepper Mix specially packaged with our unique Ofada oil!💥 Amazing right?

With OmoAlata Ofada Pepper Mix you can now cook your favorite Ofada pepper sauce in your own home, no markets, no picking of ofada pepper, no oil bleaching and no eating out!

Order online from our website or from Konga, call the number on the flier or visit any of our partner stores Nationwide.