5 Disadvantages of Watching Telemundo by @KaroOforofuo 

Image credit: telemundo.com

Telemundo is a cable channel that engages in producing and airing wonderful soaps. With Telemundo, you actually feel the action, intrigue, suspense, romance, love, hatred … etc. You feel Telemundo movies like you’re one of the characters. It is a romance novel acted out perfectly.

Unfortunately, a lot of our youngsters, especially teenagers, confuse reality with movies. They expect the love they see in Telemundo movies to be the same in their real life experiences. But it just can’t be.

It is one of the reasons that news about teenage suicide has been making headlines for a while now. Teenagers and even matured adults have ended their lives due to heartbreak.

The love and romance scenes in Telemundo movies are fictional. Nothing more. Even those who act these love scenes experience divorce, separation and heart breaks in their personal relationships.

If you must watch the Telemundo Channel, by all means, do. But remember that everything you watch is fiction, especially the love part.

So what are those false believes from Telemundo that we shouldn’t take? Let’s go below:

1. Telemundo makes you believe in happily ever after. Truth is, getting married doesn’t mean happily ever after. It means happy together in the face of more challenges. Your happiness with your spouse will depend largely on the input you both make.

2. Telemundo makes you believe there must be someone standing in the way of your happiness. Truth is, you’re the only one standing in the way. It is your decision to make your relationship work out well or not.

3. Telemundo teaches us that when a girl gets pregnant for a guy, the guy must marry her. Truth is, not every man does that. If you’re a girl who is unfortunately pregnate for a guy who doest give two cents about you, forget it. Having a baby won’t make him love you. You’ll have one option. Have your baby and care for him/her. This is better than committing suicide and murder at the same time.

4. Telemundo teaches us that if you love someone so much, you could die if the person decides to leave. Yes, I’ve been there. I’ve loved so much that just the thought of losing the guy hurt badly. But I eventually lost him. I didn’t commit suicide and neither did I die.

If a man or woman you love so much walks away, you walk away too. Try to clear your head and move on. Life must continue and you will soon find that you have greater achievements and a better companion ahead.

Don’t go taking pills or handing from ceilings or jumping off high cliffs.

5. Telemundo tells us that we must go through so much suffering before we truly can be happy. Biko, that is not true. You can create your happiness. Having a wonderful relationship should be a bonus to your hapinesss, not your main happiness.

So please, parents and guardians, keep a close eye on your children and wards. Ensure that they are not taking the wrong messages from these movies. Let us prevent another news headline that has to do with teenagers committing suicide all because they’ve been heartbroken. Life is not a bed of roses. When we fall on it, we must rise and when one door closes, another must open.