Tourism: An Expedition of the beautiful land of Ososo, EDO State Nigeria – Afeso Akanbi

It was great joining #Visitososo and Prideland Fashions in the just concluded expedition to the beautiful town of Ososo, a tourist haven located in Edo State, Nigeria. Ososo land is so loved for its massive rocks, brooks, enchanting caves, sky blue streams, temperate climate, springs and fertile lands.

The expedition, which was the second part of an earlier one held in April 2021, was led by Alfred Peters, a man who insists we must do our best to document our past and present for future generations.

However, before attaining the cultural glory that it is known for today, the land of Ososo had its own share of taboos, conflicts and a very long, tedious history of migration like other communities

Therefore, in this upcoming documentary, “Caves Of Unremembered Dreams and Lessons From Our Fathers”, we will not only show you a town of massive elevations of volcanic origin, containing precious stones of varied descriptions, all located on a plateau of dispersed rocks and undulating hills, which pose as models for nature’s camera; we will also tell you the story of the icons who helped to shape the Ososo story… from late Oba Jerome Obaitan, Okwedu II (who ended the killing of twins and children like Ige, Aina, Ojo, etc., considered to be of abnormal birth in those days), to Pa Simeon Jegede who, despite persecution and his own upbringing as a traditional man, embraced and brought Christianity to Ososo land. We will also feature Okohgbe Omodu, a warrior king per excellence, also an Ojo, who survived death from his own people, at a very tender age…

Expect an unveiling of the fascinating story of a people and their ascent from the valley of taboos to the height of cultural Utopia!

Author – Afeso Akanbi

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