New Book Alert: Web – One Night… Many Consequences…by Michael Oritogun @michaeloritz


Max had a ritual. Since he got posted down south for his NYSC, he’d cultivated the habit of hanging out in one of the bars in the town, where he spends most of his evenings, especially when there’s a live broadcast of football matches.

That ONE night though… now what could go wrong with a one night stand with an anonymous lady?  How could Max get ‘roped in’ in search of his anonymous ‘lover’  with his eyes wide open?

Web, a romance/ action thriller by Michael Oritogun is now selling at The book goes for N100 only.

If you’ve read and enjoyed My Beautiful Sad Life, also by Michael Oritogun, which has recorded 5000 plus downloads on, then you’re sure to enjoy this beautiful piece.

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