It’s All Within me! … A Poem by Funmi Adebayo

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Thank You Lord for teaching me
To start my day
Stirring up the power of Christ
Within me!

So when life seems overwhelming
I will not despair
For I have what it takes to conquer
Within me!

Challenges are not meant to frustrate me
But to promote me

Demands do not have to intimidate me
But to spur me

Difficulties ought not to limit me
But to enhance me

For the life of Christ is at work
Within me!

I have strength for every situation through him who empowers me. Phil.4.13 (New Beckley Version).

Credits: Photos Photo by RODNAE Production and William Fortunato. This Poem is part of Funmi Adebayo’s No Sanctuary for Cowards poetry collection, excerpted from the revised edition of Stepping Up to be Seen by Funmi Adebayo.