You Won’t Know How True These Words Are, Until You Experience Both sides by Karo Oforofuo

“Nobody hates you. They only hate your lack and limitations.”

You won’t know how true those words are until you experience both sides, either by observing or personal experience. Read below.
* Have you ever noticed how, as a nobody, you find it hard to get offers?

* Have you ever noticed that when you approach certain people with ideas (people capable of helping you materialize your dreams), they either turn you away, steal your idea, or offer to help you for a certain price? You will be billed heavily. If you can’t pay, then get lost.

* Have you ever noticed the media is not interested in promoting you unless you are willing to pay for services rendered? And even after you pay, your works will be handled however they think it should be handled. This is especially when you pay for the cheapest promo service(s).


* Have you noticed how big companies rally around individuals who have made a name for themselves?

* Have you ever noticed that these companies, to go into partnership or alliance with these self made individuals, offer them for free, services that will normally cost thousands, if not millions of naira?

* Have you noticed that as a successful person, the media will happily promote you for free? You will wake up and find you or your works trending on social media.

So, I repeat, “Nobody hates you. They only hate your lack and limitations. If someone has nothing to gain from you, he/she wouldn’t come near you, or offer you anything.

Our world is one of give and take. People will only partner with those who will give them more fame and therefore, more money.

So if you want people to rally around you and start popping juicy offers, then start working towards being successful.

Have a successful week ahead.