New Book Alert: Presenting Virgin Super Model By Uju Okoye

Belle, a celibate beautiful, intelligent and down to earth super model tries to console her sister.  She is determined, with the support of her fiance Evans.

She is willing and ready to do anything to save her sister, also her best friend from heart break and betrayal from her boyfriend Max.

However, her chances look very slim.

Mercy is Belle’s amiable, very clever and ambitious sister.  She wishes to study medicine in college. Suddenly however, she experiences more than she bargains for and finds herself totally devastated. Where would she go from here?

Teengers and young adults need Sex Education and awareness. This fiction by Uju Christy Okoye is a project aimed at saving teens and young adult from troubles peculiar to their age, for instance unwanted pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and death due to abortion and child-birth. We live in the world where majority of teens and young adult lack knowledge about the consequences of sex before marriage and unprotected sex. Most teenage pregnancy occurs between ages 13 and 15. Teenage child birth mortality rates are high.

Moreover, many teens test positive to HIV and other STDs without proper treatment.

This can be curbed by adequate education and support from family and the society. Teens and singles need proper Sex Education to secure their future.

Virgin Super Model is presented in Paperback, Kindle Version and EPub formats. The book is now selling at and

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Also click here to buy Living My Life from It goes for N200 only.

About The Author:

Public Administration graduate, wife, mother, Christian Fiction Writer, Specialist in Educative and Self-help books, Uju Christy Okoye is a strong-willed woman who believes that with God, faith, and hard work, the sky is a starting point!


Author of “Living My Life” and “Virgin Super Model tried to save her teen sis, save yours if you can”, Uju is currently working on her next title, “Not Just A Partner But Be The Best Companion”, which is a fascinating non-fiction for Relationships and Marriage – a must read for Singles and Married.

Uju is also currently working on Save Our Teenagers Project, an initiative aimed at supporting Teens and Young Adults all over the world!

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Contact details are:

Facebook: @facebook/Ujuiykeokoye
Instagram: @shalombeautyclinic


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