Enjoy Big Promo On My Books This Thanksgiving! – Sinmisola Ogunyinka @sinmisolaog

img_20160826_132301.jpgThis is from me to you! Promo ends by popular demand, TOMORROW!

We have a lot to be grateful for, and I love the tradition of giving during Thanksgiving. This is why I have chosen to bring back my #BUMBOOthon for this season too.

#BUMBOOthon simply means Buy My Book On Okadabooks Marathon.

It’s a beautiful concept I love and it keeps me focused on pleasing you my readers. The first episode went well, but I want this to be better. I want you to buy my book at a time you can. When it is almost free, and up to 80% discounted.

It’s almost free when you think about it, in any currency. More than 30 books for less than N4000.00 or dare I say, $10! That’s just a meal in many restaurants but you have it now – on a platter – more than 30 books that will inspire, instruct, direct and entertain you.

Buy them now, while offer lasts, read later, thank me later.

Go to buy now, here…

Happy Thanksgiving!



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