Fiction Fiesta: Violated … by Uju Christie Okoye

At exactly 9.30pm, David and his wife had gone to bed when they heard some noise at their door: a strange unfamiliar voice commanding them to open the door or he would lose his temper on them. They were terrified!

Shivering with fear, they clung to each other , unable to decide whether to open the door or expect the unexpected. Before they could decide on what to do, two young armed and masked men had broken into their sitting room and made their way straight into their bedroom,  commanding them to lie down flat on the marble floor of his room.

He pleaded with them that he had no money in the house swearing by his life. His wife Ruth also pleaded, clinging to the pillow and the bed sheet tightly and fearfully pleading, ‘Blood of Jesus’, ‘ Blood of Jesus’ continuously!

“Please, we have no money in the house. I can give you my jewelry. We have no money,”

“Shut up woman,” one of the armed men shouted as he slapped her, climbed on the bed, forced himself into her and raped her:threatening to blow off her husband’s head if she wouldn’t keep quiet. The other armed robber held David and kept pointing the gun at him. He commanded him to open his eyes and watch the inhuman act.

A few minutes after the despicable act, they left. Though their lives were spared, they were left half-alive.  They had violated a woman and a wife’s pride, leaving her  depressed and  traumatized.

Dolce couldn’t find the confident and courage to go back to work. She was depressed for several months. David had been so supportive, taking care of her and their three lovely children while she tried her best to overcome the trauma and be happy with her wonderful husband and three amazing children who stood by her side. David loved and cared for her more than the previous years. He kept reminding her they had been through a lot together, and urging her never to give up on life.

This story was culled from Living My Life by UJu Christy Okoye. Please click here to view Uju Christy Okoye’s Amazon author page as well as buy your Paperback or Kindle version from Also click here to buy Living My Life from It goes for N100 only.


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