Fiction Fiesta: Exotic Honeymoon Versus Blood Money… by Uju Christy Okoye

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He fondled her as they kissed, caressed her sweet face with a gentle touch holding her cheekbone tightly to his. He moved his hands to her belly, tickled her belly button, moved up to her breast touched it lightly, sensuously suckled, and smooched her. They made love next to the window of the Luxembourg Garden in one of the most exotic Parisian hotels in their stylish luxurious hotel suite.

About half an-hour later, they were famished. They headed straight to the hotel buffet, an elaborate and skillful manner of dishes. They requested for intercontinental cuisine and sat on a gorgeous well- decorated dinner table for two.

“I can’t believe we’ve spent two whole weeks here in Paris. I think it’s enough. We have to go back to Lagos on the first flight”, Shawn said to his lovely wife  Dolce.


Shawn’s wife is chocolate in complexion, a 5’9″ feet tall, full-figured woman, and extremely beautiful. Her favorite  hairstyle is braiding she fancy long natural hair and smoothly well-polished artificial nails with seductive brown round eyes, which explains the reason why her husband lusted over her on that unpleasant day at her engagement party with Wale her then supposedly husband-to-be. Unfortunately, he was killed that same night!   Since then, Shawn had been so comforting and caring. He couldn’t get his eyes off her! He was attracted to her sensuality and lusciousness.  For the first time in his life, he’s in love.


“Why the sudden change of mind?” Dolce asked her husband in a disappointing tone.

“Don’t worry. I’II will make it up to you some other time. We have our lives ahead of us to travel around the world for vacations, holidays or even a second honeymoon if that will make you happy but at this moment we need to go back home for some very important business to be honest. I’m here in Paris but my mind is occupied with what could be going on in Lagos, latest business opportunities. I can’t afford to miss it just for the sake of a honeymoon. My job is my life. I’ve been through a lot to get to this luxurious life that you and I are enjoying now. I can kill not to be here. I can’t afford to be poor. I would rather die than  be a poor man. Life sucks when you’re poor”, Shawn said to his wife in an obsessive and unromantic tone.

“You’ve been uneasy about your business since we came here. You’re beginning to scare me by your obsessive compulsive behavior.   You shouldn’t be thinking too much about such things right now. You’ve worked so hard to be a successful wealthy young man. Yes, I appreciate that as your wife, but don’t you think you deserve a little break?”

“You sound unrye. ealistic to me. Those poor people out there struggling and striving to survive are they not human? Some can hardly afford a sumptuous meal, yet they have not given up on life. Are you saying you don’t like money and a good life? Of course you know my answer. Who doesn’t like that but I can’t kill for money.”

“I can do anything for money. If it means shedding blood to get it, then I’m sorry I have to, “Shawn said arrogantly.

“That’s insanity and inhuman,” Dolce said. “Well, that’s your opinion,” he said, looking away from her. They kept arguing for a while.

“Enough! You can believe whatever you like. Please leave me out of it. I can’t afford to be a poor man. It’s sucks! I’m going to take a shower, ”

Shawn said to his wife in an arrogant tone. He went straight to their hotel suite bathroom to take a cold shower because the weather was pretty hot at the time they were in Paris. The next morning Shawn and his wife headed straight to northeast Paris at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in about an hour’s time. After checking- in and boarding, they bade Paris goodbye.

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