Adebisi Olaniyi Launches her Debut titled ‘Pointless’

On Saturday, October 7 2017, adorable and petite author and poet, Adebisi Olaniyi launched her debut entitled “Pointless… A lesson of love as inspired by God.” It was a time of reflection as people gathered to celebrate God’s message to a dying world.

More than a book launch, the event was an announcement of hope and a promise of restoration if every man would look back at creation and see all that God originally intended us to be.

Adebisi also wrote a poem and a song to commemorate the book launch event. The poem was delivered by Israel, a spoken word artiste, while the song was rendered by the Aanu Obong and the author.

“The song will be produced into a single for your listening pleasure.” Adebisi hinted us.

In attendance were Adebisi’s husband, Adewale Olaniyi, Pastor Taiwo Adeleye, who was also the chief launcher, Pastor Ralph Ajayi, Professor Ahmed Yerima, Mrs. Dorcas Adedayo, Mrs. Kemi Odusanya among others.

About The Book:

“Pointless” seeks to direct and re-orientate man to the very essence of his existence, focusing on love and purpose. When we get to a level where we feel that life is pointless, it comes with a revelation of emptiness and vain repetition. The only time we can actually feel satisfied is when we live in service to God and humanity.

Pointless teaches that we are all humans created equal for the purpose of service. It presents a common ground for everyone where we can find unity and fulfilment in the essence of our creation.

God is love. The very essence of creation is love. Hence, a life lived outside love, a life lived outside God and every purpose sought outside the plan of the creator is pointless.

Our purpose is not in the things we chase, but in those very things we have closed the eyes of our heart to.

Pointless was published by Grace Springs Publishers and is available in notable bookshops nationwide. Please call 08030820883 to order a copy.

About the Author:

Adebisi Olaniyi is a teacher, speaker, writer and mentor who is passionate about knowing God and helping others do the same.

She is married to Adewale Olaniyi, an amazing man, and they are blessed with a son.

Event Pictures:

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