Fiction Fiesta: Yellow Shadows Episode 4 by Fisayo Talabi

The band was ministering life at the party. It was one of those bands that played so well you wouldn’t realize that you had joined in on the moves and komoles and Yoruba booty shaking. The person who played the drums truly deserved a Grammy award. Kiky had dragged her from her seat to the dance floor and the two sisters danced together to the beats, catching their fun in their own space. The celebrant was also in her own space, circled by her many high and mighty friends who were either spraying foreign currency or wadsssss of #1000 notes and were wearing heavy pounds of gold jewelry enough to open a pawn shop. Her husband danced beside her, holding the trending money spraying machine gun which dispensed dollars. Her daughter Tope was also beside her with her own little daughter who was so cute and pretty in her asoebi ball gown and a matching bow on her head. The girl was a splitting image of her dad. Tope had married the son of a top shot Abuja business man but it was public secret that the young man slept with everything in skirts. Tope didn’t really mind. She was one of those girls who preferred to fake happiness and stay married. Besides, their wedding had been extremely elaborate and every social media platform had covered it. It was what her mother had also done anyways. Mrs Akinwale’s husband had been such a cheat and philanderer that he even brought his concubines home. Their neigbours usually heard the all night arguments between the couple; from the domestic violence to the hurling of verbal abuses. But Mrs Akinwale stayed. Even if her husband had impregnated two women who had three children for him out of wedlock, it would not look good on her political profile that she was a divorcee.

Chief Akinwale continued to spray his wife so many dollars with all the energy he had and this had a lot of the guests admiring and certifying them as couple goals while some of the young girls were setting p for their next move on Baba for the girls.

Tony had left her apartment feeling very unhappy that morning. She missed Jimi a lot more than she thought she would. She had picked up her phone so many times to look at their photos again and to read his messages. She couldn’t bring herself to deleting them. She even attempted calling him once but thankfully, Kiky’s call came through asking her to get ready for the event. She had reluctantly worn her asoebi which Maibecca had sewn to perfection. She went over to Feyisetan’s studio at Fola Osibo street to do her makeup and have her gele laid and then called on an Uber to get her to the venue at Oniru. It was at The Landmark Centre. She knew that she needed something to uplift her spirit. Only two things usually worked the magic for her; good party food and great party music.

By the time the band paused for the tech vendors to present a slide show of Mrs. Akinwale’s happy life achievements on the projector screen, Tony decided to step out for a bit to catch some fresh air. The last time she had come to that venue was for the wedding of her Durham Uni flat mate. Jimi had come with her and they had danced together until it was so late into the evening.

As she walked out, she noticed the almighty Mr. Toba Akinwale. He was standing by the drinks bar in all his 6 feet 3 inches glory, dressed in his perfectly starched agbada and fila. Of course he had that beard. He was smiling and chatting with someone. Then she looked at that someone and saw it was a lady. A very pretty lady. Those ones that looked like Instagram models and video vixens. A life sized doll looking every inch photoshopped in the flesh. She was wearing the asoebi too, sewn in a crop top and a very long skirt with a very high side split reaching up to her upper thigh. Yellow was an understatement. The girl was totally laiskin!

So she even had the asoebi. Tony guessed that aunty yellow was either Toba’s fiancée or someone he was getting serious with. The girl had to be pretty. Toba was the kind of guy that fit and matched hot girls, not regular girls like her. She mentally slapped herself in the head. Why was she letting someone she didn’t even know start to give her self esteem issues? She stretched to look at the girl’s fingers. But laiskin babe had stupidly blocked it with her ugly looking clutch (which was a very beautiful metallic Leiber Precious rose bag). She realized she was standing right there and staring! She hurriedly walked out of the hall before someone caught her.

After some more dancing and eating and gisting and analysing peoples’ asoebi styles and dancing steps and identifying the recognizable famous celebrities and politicians at the party, Tony decided to call it a night and said her good byes to Kiky and her parents. Thankfully the next day was Sunday. Sundays were for church but of late, it had become her rest days being that she usually had extremely busy weeks. She was supposed to have a meeting at her church sub-unit but she had to pass. She would be too tired. Her mom insisted that she spent the weekend with them at Ikeja but Tony refused. She didn’t want unending lectures about husband matter.

Just like she had predicted, she opened her eyes around 9.45am on Sunday morning. No doubt, she was very late for church already which begun at 8.30am. She took her phone and disconnected it from the charger, checked IG feeds and liked as many posts as she could, laughed at funny videos and tagged her friends in some before she finally got out of bed. Of course it came calling considering everything she had shoved down her throat at the party. She took her phone to the toilet and made herself comfortable. The phone was always a dependable companion while doing the big job.

Her phone started to ring. It was Dan.

Mr. Dan.

She ignored it at first. She wasn’t ready to do any office work on a Sunday. All she wanted to do was get enough rest and probably head out with a friend to see a movie at IMAX and maybe grab lunch at a nice place. Thankfully the phone stopped ringing and she heaved a sigh of relief.

Answer your phone. Are you still in church?

She read his text message and rolled her eyes. She finally decided to call him back.

“Good Morning.” She said dryly.

“Are we fighting?” Dan replied.

“No…but I assume this is for work.”

He laughed.

“I’m around your area today. I had an 8a.m meeting today and now I am free for the rest of the day. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out…except your husband will cut my head off.” He said.

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