Lagos Cycling Clubs hold Memorial Ride in honour of Comrade, Dr Afolabi Mabogunje

On Saturday September 15, 2021, Lagos Cycling Clubs and communities turned out en mass to observe a Memorial Ride in honour of their late comrade, Dr. Afolabi Mabogunje, popularly known in the community as Mabogs.

Dr. Afolabi Mabogunje, was accosted, robbed and stabbed by hoodlums while waiting for his cycling club members at Shodex gardens, in the early hours of Thursday, September 13.

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Quoting from the Instagram Page of Cycology Cycling Club @cycologycc, ‘Mabogs went for a ride and was attacked last week on Thursday morning as he was waiting for the rest of the cycling group. He was stabbed 5 times. His phone was taken and he was left for dead.

Mabogs got up, got back on his bike and cycled with one hand on his handlebar and the other applying pressure to his severed jugular till he got to the nearest GT Bank where he borrowed a phone to call his wife.

He was taken to the hospital and after a week of fighting, he passed on’

In the same report, Mabogs, who was survived by his lovely wife and two children, was described as ‘father to many cyclists’.

Members of the cycling community: Cyclotron, Cycology, Pitstop and Mainland (now Mabogs Cycling Crew), about 200 in all, joined his family on a ‘peaceful ride to project the need for the government to do better in protecting its citizens’, quoting @cyclotron.

The cyclists also visited the scene where Dr Afolabi Mabogunje had been stabbed.

Also in attendance were the Honourable Attorney General of Lagos State and Commissioner for Justice, and the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Lagos State.

Mabogs was described as ‘passionate about cycling and Nigeria’. He was said to have cycled over 100,000km in his lifetime

Please view the event in color as curated from the Instagram pages of Cycology Cycling Club and Cyclotrom.

Image credits – @cyclotron and @cycologycc Instagram.

Final Farewell

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