Life Tip: The Power of Visualizing your Dreams …

A vital part of the journey to significance is your ability to visualise and ‘taste’ or ‘experience’ the reality of your dreams. This is what I mean. Have you ever sustained the picture of you having achieved your immediate ambitions to the point of feeling the thrill? Have you ever pictured yourself free of your most pressing issues of the moment?

OK, let’s do this: Assuming your dream status, job, startup (whatever) was a favourite delicacy you cannot have at this very minute because you’re probably busy at work. Can you close your eyes to think, daydream, fantasize about it until you actually perceive the aroma and savour the flavour?
That is exactly how you should treat your aspiration! .

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Vision is the picture of a preferred future. Nevertheless, what you can’t conceive, you cannot achieve. Our #keyword for the season is VISUALIZE.

From today, schedule 5-10-minute breaks for every three-six hours of work. And each time the alarm goes off, lean back, scale the four walls of your physical location (and other confines of your present circumstance), and just VISUALIZE!!! .

You will arrive quicker that way, and you will definitely thank me for this tip some day. .

Credits: Today’s Day Starter was written by Funmi Adebayo. Featured Image Photo by Sound On from Pexels

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