Eye Witness News: Young Nigerians Invent, ‘Fly’ Drone – Albert Afeso 

​If you are still in doubt about the level of raw talents that Nigerians possess, then you have to think again. I personally don’t have any doubt myself, but this afternoon, my hope for this great nation was further rekindled.

Can you see the crowd in these pictures?​

They were not watching an armed robber or a child ‘witch’ being mobbed, no. They were gathered to witness the remarkable display of three extraordinary Mechanical Engineering graduates of Obafemi Awolowo University, Abraham Akinwale, George Okereka and Peter Akpevwe.

You see the tiny prototype of an airplane, a drone actually, which they had designed? They operated it right before our very eyes, so that it flew for minutes to an unbelievable altitude!!!

It was all awe, appreciation and applause after their display. l am impressed and my faith in this nation has increased. God bless Nigeria.

Afeso at the scene.

Albert Akanbi Afeso is a Researcher and Writer who works for the Federal Government at NARDA, and a host of NGOs as a volunteer. He writes for Premium Times and a host of other online platforms. He is the author of ‘Cold Black Night’ and ‘November 5’.


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  1. nice write-up, the name on the article is Abraham Adewale, but, the correct name is Abraham Akinwale. Please review and make necessary corrections. Thanks.

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