Customer Service, Why is it so Important?

At one time or the other in your lifetime, you have come in contact with ‘Customer Service’.

Do you think it influenced your buying decision or loyalty to that brand? *Insert answer in comment section*

No matter the size of your business or magnitude of product excellence, good customer service should be at the heart of your business. Customer service could be the deal breaker in determining if you succeed or flop in business.

Entrepreneurs make the mistake of concentrating totally on their product or service offering, so much that they forget the most important factor -end users (customers). They are the core success determinants in the market.

No great product or service was built without feedback and continuous iteration or adaption of feedback from the customers. Smart entrepreneurs/businesses adapt to feedback. There’s almost no other way to survive in today’s marketplace against your competition, unless you adapt. Too often (and naturally) we like to stick to the ‘norm’, especially if it brought us success in the past.

It is important that you know your customers, their pain points, why they patronize you, what influences their buying decision and even their spending capabilities.

Collecting and implementing feedback forms the core of what Customer service is about, it is important that your customer service caters to all forms in which your customer may appear, be it a potential customer, a new customer or an existing customer.

The channels for customer service (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, phone calls, text messages etc) have increased over time and you must learn to utilize these channels depending on your target market.

However, do not, I repeat, do not get caught up in the web of channel overload. I like to define channel overload using social media. Many social media channels exist, but your business does not have to exist in all. Selecting three for example, may help you flex your strength and channel more traffic, yielding more results.

In essence, what I mean is, pick the customer service channels and strategy that works for your business, business model and consumers. e.g. Instagram DMs may work for a fashion brand and text messages may not. Think strategically.

Customer service is not just the job of the Customer Service personnel, it is the job of everyone in the business, from the gateman, to the cleaner/janitor, straight up to the CEO. Every staff is a brand ambassador,,and as such, must take customer service seriously.

Remember it is easier to retain satisfied customers than acquire new ones.