‘Big-Day Syndrome’ – A Poem by Funmi Adebayo

When we keep waiting for ‘THE BIG DAY’ to start living, then the Big Day never comes. However, when we start savouring life as it is HERE and Now, then the Big Day begins.. Please enjoy this piece from me to you from my poetry collection tagged “No Sanctuary For Cowards” … Read the full post here please

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The Unprofitable Servant feels grossly disadvantaged
Heavily plagued by the ‘Not-Enough-Syndrome’

“I’m not good enough
Not rich enough
Not connected enough….
This venture doesn’t look profitable enough…
So why try?”

Thus he scorns his treasures
Short-changing his destiny unawares
Waiting for…

That One BIG Day
That GREAT One-Shot
That Million-Dollar Deal
Ever wondering why it’s soooo late in coming…

Pro_19:3 (KJV)The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the LORD.

Afterwards, when
The rich wax richer
And the poor much poorer
He fumes that life isn’t fair
And calls God partial

Oblivious that he’s his own undoing
Unaware of God’s original design that:

To him who has should more be given
From him who despises should everything be taken
To further the cause of the man
Who would promptly seize the moment

For the rich got rich
Tending his garden
Never despising modest beginnings
Exploiting prospects…

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