“Three Things That Excite Me”- Nonso Nwandu, Livnoire Klothing  Boss Chic


Beautiful, brilliant, energetic and passionate are words every encounter with vivacious Nonso Olive Nwandu brings to mind.

“I have this flashy look naturally, so when I tell friends I have my share of troubles too, they hardly believe me.” Nonso once told me with that spirited smile that is now inseparable from her brand; or have I ever caught Nonso not smiling before? Thinking*

At a time in our economy when many young people prefer to take the path of least resistance and find solace in paid employment, thereby ditching their passion for momentary reward, Chukwunonso Olive Nwandu is another young courageous Nigerian who has chosen to swim upstream in pursuit of purpose, defying the odds. And presently, she is making a very bold statement in the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

I ventured into it for the passion, the craft and aesthetics of the trade. My inspiration came from nature, its…

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