Why Product Packaging is More Important than Styling in Photoshoots

Tuesdays are for #tips. Today’s tip was inspired by Simbi Props (Instagram handle @simbi_props), and if you make or sell products, this is for you.

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Tuesdays are for #tips. Today’s tip was inspired by @simbi_props, and if you’re into #products, this is for you.

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Reposted from @simbi_props – Do you know that good product packaging/Labeling is 60% of your styling?😮 If your labels aren’t designed or printed right or your product packaging is of low quality, you will have difficulty with shooting effectively and styling right with props.

In fact, the Prop ends up outshining your product; this will become a case of “When the Prop is finer than your product”

Getting Props may not be the only solution to your Product display issues. Improving on your product labeling and packaging may be part of the solution.🤔👌⁣

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