When Angels Party – A Short Story by Funmi Adebayo

Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!
Worthy is the King who sits on the throne forever!
The earth is filled with His glory…

At some point in the human history, after the first decade of the 21st century, at about this time TODAY in the realm of time precisely, the Most High God sits upon His throne in the timeless realm of eternity.

And He who sits upon the throne is like jasper and a sardine stone
And there is a rainbow round about the throne
In sight like an emerald.
And out of the throne proceeds lightings and thundering
and voices
And before the throne is a sea of glass like crystal”*1

At His right hand, JESUS sits in splendour, with His face shining like the noon day sun. His eyes burn like fire.

Beside Him is Aquila bearing the golden vial which contains the intercessions of the earthly saints. The vial emits smoke. Aquila is one of the errand-angels who convey Heaven’s answers to the intercessions of the earthly saints.

“Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!
Worthy is the King who sits on the throne forever!
The earth is filled with His glory”,
the Cherubim cry.

Suddenly, some euphoric music fills the air with loud blasts of trumpets and clangings of cymbals! The sweet music is slow, fast, mid-tempo and upbeat at the same time. Besides, it has the attributes of all music genres known to the human mind: jazz, classical, disco, rhythm and blues, afro-beat, reggae, country music, makosa, and others yet undiscovered on earth.

A host of Cherubim suddenly emerge, dancing hysterically before Him with unutterable fervour.

Aquila sets the golden vial down before Jesus, opens it, and takes a bow before His throne, as though seeking His permission before disappearing briefly to join the party. He knows the compelling presence of Jesus will magnetize him back to his place, like an auto reset button, when his attention is required.

The open vial smokes, and Jesus smells the fragrance as the angels rock and frolic – rising, falling and rolling energetically before His throne with unimaginable dancing styles:

They shake,
they jump,
they roll,
they twist!

In exotic performances of

shaku shaku,
break dance,

and other dance steps yet unkown on earth!

Such is their nature. That is their purpose, which they fulfil before the Throne of Grace without reservation.

They seem to be having the time of their life in a grand praise party before Him at the moment. Jesus does not stop them.

Soon, spirits of just men made perfect begin to join in: Father Abraham, Apostle Paul, Silas, Apostle Peter, Jacob, Isaac, Prophet Jeremiah, Dr. Myles, Esther, Sarah, Mary, Martha, Ruth, Madam Abike, Uncle Joe, to mention but a few.

How can anyone ever resist the magnetic pull of this exciting episode! Heaven sure rocks!

Heaven’s party culture is unparalleled! How can anyone think otherwise? Yet mortal men live with the false notion that life on earth is sweeter, perceiving heaven as some extension of their funeral homes and cemeteries …

Nothing can be further from the reality!

*1Rev.4:2-3; 6

Credits – Excerpted from the reviewed version Stepping Up to be Seen, an innovative blend of fantasy and inspiration by Funmi Adebayo. Watch out for release dates. Featured image Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels.

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